79% of people walk around with a scratched phone in London

In a recent IW Mail survey, we found that 79% of Londoners were walking around with a smartphone that is either smashed, scratched or damaged and claims that their device isn’t working as well as it was when first bought. (October 2016)

Although our smartphones can withstand normal jolts of everyday life, they cannot stand up against water and a big impact, which can be daunting to think about if we find ourselves in a situation that cannot be helped. Need help with your computer? Follow here.

Our advice will help you to avoid most accidents that may occur on your phone, and giving you tips to help reduce damage if something was to happen. Protect other devices.

The most obvious protective measures

Purchase a case that suits you and use it. Many of us have a drawer full of unused cases at home, simply because our phones may not look as good with a case on. Cases are available in various styles, shapes, materials and thickness to offer your phone degrees of protection against any scrapes, drops and water damage. Begin shopping.

As well as a protecting phone case, buy yourself a screen protector and a good quality one too. We recommend a Gorilla Glass screen protector as not only do these prevent scratches, it almost acts as a second screen so it will take most of the force if you ever drop your phone face down. Buy today.

1 year’s warranty iPhone repairs

A screen protector and case can only do so much and your phone may still be subject to devastation such as broken buttons, damaged camera lens and charging issues and these are difficult to prevent, but they can be easily fixed by the experts. Get your phone fixed here.

Square Repair is a London based repair service with a promise for excellent customer service, quality parts and skilled repairs whilst you wait. As well as this, they offer amazing deals, prices and are all affordable, unlike Apple’s own repair team. Call 020 3206 1627 for your free quote.