Data Backup

Data Backup

Starting a new business can cause the new business owners all sorts of worries a particular one of course is the threat of data loss caused by a server failure , or indeed loss of critical data caused by a virus attack despite onerous precautions being taken we are here to help with our backup support services.

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Online Backup Services

As well as the potential cost of attempted data recovery when a backup has been found to fail , there is also the intangible (until it happens) cost of lost business due to system down time, and in extreme cases total business failure if legislation required business records to be kept for any length of time, which can be years.

Sadly for many businesses back up protocols will be left as a low priority until an actual data loss occurs and backup, just like an insurance policy is there for when you need it even though most of the time you do not.

Backup services perfect for disaster recovery

An emerging very effective form of data backup is coming to the fore which is of course online data backup.

This simply means that once the initial backup is completed, a protocol runs in the background incrementally backing up new data on a scheduled basis.

Of course a huge benefit is that if you need to access your data when you are away from your office, even if your laptop has been stolen or you simply didn’t bring it with you, you could access your data anywhere else in the world depending on your configuration.

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