Online virus removal

Online virus removal

The first indication most people will have that their system has been subject to a virus is when they start to experience strange behaviour on their computer, or they suddenly realise that files are missing or a program does not work normally. Another indicator is the mass sending of e-mails that you have no knowledge of.

At this point most people who had not invested in PC virus removal software will undoubtably wish they had!

What is an online computer virus?

Viruses are actually a particular type of computer ‘malware’ – a general term covering all types of malicious software. The most common types are Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses.

The authors of virus have had to become increasingly clever to avoid being detected by antivirus software by constantly evolving the virus to avoid detection, and unfortunately even the best anti virus software will not detect all types of infestation and often other software is required.

Virus removal

If you think your computer may have been infected by either a virus, worm or trojan make sure you run your Pc virus removal software without delay, virus removal software should be considered as a must have by all computer users. If you find the problem is re-occuring and you are unable to complete a full virus removal then contact your local Pc repair professional


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