Protecting Your Desktop or Macbook

How to protect your laptop inside & out

macbookHere at IWMail we provide you with the most effective tips and tricks to ensure that the data on your desktops, hard drives, cloud networks and many other storage facilities are protected. Each week we focus on the latest tech topic that are readers are interested in and feed our research back to you.

Last weeks hot topic – Online Virus Removal

Our top tips on how to protect your desktop or Macbook from accidental damage

It’s always the obvious solution that gets overlooked; keep your computer in a case! We know that the more practical cases can sometimes look a little dull or robust but you can still jazz up your device with a laptop sticker. We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your Macbook in a case when you’re not using it or more importantly when you are transporting it.

Prevention is better when it comes to theft

You’re on the underground on your way to work, the tube is packed as always and you’re waiting for your stop; just a regular day. Due to all the conjestion of the public you fail to notice that somebody has slipped your Macbook out of your rucksack. Don’t let this happen!

1 in 4 people have experienced a theft on London underground in 2016

Don’t risk damaging your device, there are a number of ways that you can protect it and it only takes an accidental fall to ruin your laptop. For more on how to protec the data on your device click here…


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